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Wonder Herb Health Products Limited is a progressive, consumer oriented healthcare company with its core focus in Traditional Chinese Herbal Supplement (TCHS) products.  Our company began with the mission of providing TCH supplement to augment the treatment of serious illness patients by western medicine with our “Essence of Yunzhi Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP)” product.  Our use of TCHS aims to strengthen and balance one’s preconditioned health deficiencies so that conventional medical treatment and procedures are more effective.

In 2003, we introduced our “Essence of Herba Dendrobii & Wild American Ginseng” to complement our Essence of Yunzhi (PSP) product in applying a holistic approach to general health maintenance through the use of TCHS.  We owe our continuous success and growth to our company’s commitment in TCHS and by providing the finest, natural ingredients to all our products for our customers. 

To safeguard the highest standards in our products, all our “Essence of Yunzhi Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP)” products are manufactured in Canada in accordance to the strictest Canadian certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards in its factories.

As a market leader in Yunzhi (PSP) TCHS product, we see it as our duty to educate consumers everywhere about the benefits and potential of Traditional Chinese Herbal Supplement, both as complementary to western medicine treatment and by itself for general health maintenance.

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