Wonder Herb Health Products Limited is a progressive, consumer oriented healthcare company with its core focus in Traditional Chinese Herbal (TCH) supplements.  Through the use of Traditional Chinese Herbs, our aim is to strengthen and balance one’s preconditioned health deficiencies so that other western medical treatments and procedures can be more effective.  By applying this holistic approach and by our use of herbs of the highest quality, it ensures that all our products are made of all natural ingredients so there are NO ADVERSE side effects to our customers.

We currently offer two TCH product supplements which targets consumers with specific/ potential medical preconditions (ie. mutation ailment, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Acne).  For individuals without any of the listed preconditioned health deficiencies, our products can be used as a preventative measure towards one’s general health maintenance. 

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Essence of Herba Dendrobii & Radix Panacis QuinquefoliiEssence of Yunzhi Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP)